Friday, June 24, 2011

Hidden hot spots in Fullerton

I love exploring Los Angeles's heritage...
In Northern Orange County, there is a free fabulous botanical garden and Heritage House, "Fullerton Arboretum".
In the middle of June, it was the season for ripe Oranges.  I saw many gorgeous flowers, a variety of herbs and a rare fruit grove in this historical orchard.

"Fullerton Arboretum"
1900 Associated Rd
Fullerton CA 92831

My most favorite tree was in the center of the garden.

It was a bunch of fluffy pink flowers on a big tree and all the flowers are in full bloom now in June. It was a fantastic view however somehow I felt something different around the tree...
The day I visited here was a Tuesday morning so not many people were around. I was alone and taking a little break under the tree. I saw an old lady walking by the tree. She was wearing a pink mini dress and pink shoes and was extremely pale. I felt I had to take her picture with the pink I did.
After I came back home I researched about local legends and I found out about a "Pink Lady" ghost story From this article she shows up every June 15th, I was there at almost the same time.  Could this be coincidence?? Maybe.

Right next to the tree is a gazebo covered in peas .

One of the coolest places in Orange County for the  summer!

All the peas are ripe and smell good.
This garden is inside the campus of CSUF and has its own free parking. It is easy access to be in the right spot.

Downtown Fullerton has so much to see. Around Harbor Blvd, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, museums, historical houses and parks. There is also an abundance of public art. This is one of the most charming downtowns in Orange County.

My favorite coffehouse is on Harbor Blvd.

817 North Harbor Blvd
Fullerton CA 92832

I love this cafe because it has so many sofas. They have art shows by local artists all the time.  Also there is live music most weekend evenings.

Fullerton has many unique side. They are also famous for classic car shows besides OC hardcore punk music scene!