Monday, March 5, 2012

Hidden hot spots in Redondo Beach vol. 2

There is something I have been thinking about doing for a long time..

On a beautiful Sunday morning in March, I finally took the boat "Voyager" to meet the Grey Whales in Redondo Beach.

233 North Harbor Dr
Redondo Beach CA 90277

It was about 80 degrees and the ocean breeze felt so amazingly great. 

First, these guys passed by us with smiles.
Sea Lions were everywhere in Redondo Beach.

We went straight out to sea for about a half hour and then waited around a little bit. During we were waiting the people working on the boat entertained us so I never felt bored.

As soon as the first whale came out more and more seemed to appear!
 A Grey Whale can be 45 feet (14 m) and even their newborns measure about 16 feet (4.9 m).

The boat turned off the engine for silence and I heard the sound of a whale's blowhole spraying behind me. I quickly found the whale and I felt one of the most precious moments I have ever experienced.
I ended up seeing more than 10 whales that day. 

On the way going back to the port, I saw a group of Dolphins!

They chased our boat and seemed to be enjoying the gorgeous day too.

Off course all the sea lions loved the warm Sunday.

After the boat ride I found my favorite seafood...
It is Sea Urchin! California sea urchin is best in the world.

There was the state fish of California "Garibaldi" here too..

There is so much to see in Redondo Beach.