Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hidden hot spots in Disneyland Resort

I've been addicted to Disneyland and have been an annual pass holder for 2 years. I go there about two times a month.

The day I visited (June 3, 2011) was the opening day for the new "The Little Mermaid" ride. 
Disneyland seems to have a lots of new rides opening throughout this summer, I was very excited to hear the Little Mermaid was already open! 

You can get a cotton candy to have yourself some fun while you are on the line.  There is a variety of colors and tastes! 
After the little mermaid ride, if you want to see Princess Ariel... this is the restaurant, "Ariel's Grotto". This is character dining and you can meet all of the princesses during a 3 meal course. They serve appetizers before you order so it is perfect with your little hungry people. Their desert was big and yummy. If you can't finish it they have to go boxes for you.

at Disney California Adventure Park
Paradise Pier

If you are hungry for a real burger, "Taste Pilots Grill" is the place next by Soarin' Over California. They have a vegetable bar so you can make your own burger as you like it.

at Disney California Adventure Park
Golden State

My favorite hidden attraction in Adventure Park is the "Sorcerer's Workshop".

You can learn how to draw the Disney characters here. On this day I learned Pluto but they change the character every time.

In the evening at Adventure Park there is a huge Rave Party "Electronica" with techno DJdancers and outside bar!

I enjoyed watching the starting dance show of "TRON: Legacy".
This is a really amazing thing where you can experience exciting sounds and dance in Disneyland.

I love the night time in Disneyland. It is even better than daytime in summer.
Adventure Park has a wonderful beer garden and you can even buy a big Margarita! The Disneyland Park side doesn't serve alcohol.
Also you can get Teriyaki Beef or Thai Curry Chicken nearby the beer garden. This is the only Asian food in the entire Park.
at Disney California Adventure Park
Golden State

If you want to continue the Disney dream... Stay in the "Disneyland Hotel".
The room was hysterically cute because of everything so Mickey!
1150 Magic Way
Anaheim, CA 92802

There are 3 official Disney Hotels in the resort. This is the most classic of Disney's hotels and has more characters than any other.

Looking down on all of Disneyland resort from the room was a fantastic experience.

Downtown Disney also has many interesting stores and restaurants. Among  those that I love is one that serves New Orleans Cuisine "Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen".

They have a live Jazz band every night and at Sunday brunch. Time will be well spent here because there is nothing but great music and food.

at Downtown Disney District

From downtown Disney, if you already have a pass or ticket, you can ride the monorail to the inside of Disneyland Park.
This goes pretty fast through the middle of Disney Resort, it is fun to try.

I will introduce a little about Disneyland Park side too.

The most popular princess might still be Cinderella.

The most hidden princess is Tiana from the "Princess and the Frog". You might see her at New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park. She actually sings some songs with a jazz band.  The other princesses can be found near the castle or at the princess theater.

My lunch spot in Disneyland Park is "Plaza Inn".
Their fried chicken is yummy and the sides are tasty! 
at Disneyland Park
Main Street

When I want to eat good Mexican food, I go to "Rancho del Zocalo".
This is a casual fast food type of restaurant but their seating is very spacious and the atomosphere is elegant. It is a comfortable place to take a break.
at Disneyland Park

Disneyland is becoming one of my power spots, because every time after I visit here I get more energy. Walking long distances and waiting in lines are not such bad things. It's actually a perfect work out for me!

Finding a special gift from the Disneyland store is a most exciting thing. I especially adore their accesories, they are so cute!